Fish for Wild Atlantic Salmon with Gleneagles

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Catching your first salmon is a massive milestone for every fisherman. For some this exhilarating event occurs early in their fishing career, while others may endure longer to achieve success.

Luxury Fishing Packages

Gleneagles offers a fully guided salmon fishing experience. Under the expert instruction of their professional guides, you will learn the gentle art of Spey casting with a traditional double-handed salmon rod. Throughout your day on the river, you will learn how to read the water, fly selection based on river conditions, and finally how to hook, play and successfully land the ultimate quarry on the fly, an Atlantic Salmon.

Their five-star packages include a professional guide, a traditional fisherman’s picnic, transport to and from the river, the very best Hardy fishing tackle, and accessories. They can cater to all levels of experience, from those who have never picked up a rod to seasoned anglers.

Be emersed in one of Scotland’s most famed country sports and be enthralled by the rye local Scottish humor and stories from their experienced guides!

World Re-owned River Tay

The River Tay system is unique as it is fed by several large lochs including Loch Tay, Rannoch, and Loch Tummel, and regardless of weather, remains one of the only rivers in the UK with sufficient water for salmon to run all year round. As a result of this, several runs of salmon occur throughout the season and for this reason, the River Tay offers the visiting angler the best all-around opportunity of landing a salmon.

To book your luxury salmon fishing experience, contact a member of the Gleneagles team to discuss your requirements further.


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