Red Hinds

The stalking of red deer females (Hinds) as with most mammals is the key to the management of the herd.

Red Deer Hind - Copyright Brian Phipps

Red Deer Hind – Copyright Brian Phipps

The shooting of the frail, old and poor quality animals ensures that numbers are kept to a pre-defined level. Hind stalking takes place in the winter months which means short daylight hours, hinds in large groups and potentially adverse weather, together making for a challenging hunt for the sportsman. The Scottish highlands in winter can however provide some fantastic scenery on a bright crisp frosty day, although conditions such as this are not conducive to good hunting. A short season and pressure to reach a cull figure may give rise to the opportunity for more than one stalk in the day’s outing.

Season Dates

Oct 21st – Feb 15th

Providers and Agents offering this sport

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