Sporting Seasons in Scotland

Game Shooting

  • Pheasant: 1st October – 1st February
  • Partridge: 1st September –  1st February
  • Grouse: 12th August – 10th December
  • Ptarmigan:12th August – 10th December
  • Blackgame: 20th August – 10th December
  • Common snipe:12th August – 31st January
  • Jack snipe: Protected
  • Woodcock: 1st September – 31st January
  • Duck & goose (inland): 1st September –  31st  January
  • Duck & goose – below MHW:1st September –  20th February

Ground Game Seasons

  • Mountain Hare: August 1st to February 28/29th
  • Brown Hare: October 1st – January 31st
  • Rabbit: Jan 1 – Dec 31 moorland & unenclosed land is subject to a close season click here for further information

Stalking Seasons

From 21 October 2023, there will be no close season for male deer of any species in Scotland. Whilst the legislation has changed many Estates will stick with the historic seasonal dates (set out below). Advice should be obtained directly from the provider on this matter.

  • Red stags: 1st July –  20th October
  • Red hinds: 21st October – 15th February
  • Sika stags:1st July – 20th October
  • Sika hinds: 21st October   –   15th February
  • Fallow bucks: 1st August – 30th April
  • Fallow does: 21st October  – 15th February
  • Roe bucks: 1st April – 20th October
  • Roe does:21st October – 31st March
Country Sport Scotland
Country Sport Scotland

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