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Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023 Categories

Best Sporting Estate 2023

This award recognises a market-leading Scottish sporting estate, where land management, collaboration and exceptional sporting opportunities are coming together to deliver premium experiences and where going the extra mile is the norm. You can nominate your own business for this award, or you can nominate a business you are aware of / have experience of.


  • Offer exceptional sporting opportunities as part of your business offering.
  • Investment in unique, quality accommodation to enhance the guest experience.
  • Implementation of land management techniques that promote biodiversity to add to the guest experience of seeing flourishing wildlife.
  • Placing customer service at the heart of everything you do; always looking for ways to go the extra mile and deliver truly memorable, unique experiences for guests.
  • Engagement with the local community, demonstrating a significant contribution to the local economy.

Best Sporting Agency 2023

This award recognises a leading sporting agency striving to deliver outstanding sporting experiences in Scotland to a diverse tourism audience, Collaboration and local engagement will be front and centre of the winner’s operation, with exceptional customer service and a track record of delivering truly memorable experiences. You can nominate your own business for this award, or you can nominate a business you are aware of / have experience of.


  • Offers a wide variety of sporting opportunities with a broad network of partners across Scotland.
  • Provides a unique, memorable experience through collaboration with delivery partners.
  • Engages with a broad range of visitor profiles, advocating Scottish country sports tourism on local to global scales.
  • Provides and promotes a niche offering no other agency is providing.
  • Placing customer service at the heart of everything you do; always looking for ways to go the extra mile and deliver truly memorable, unique experiences for guests.
  • Sustainability and community will be at the core of your business – engaging with the local communities, demonstrating the sustainability of your activities and contributing to the local economy.

2023’s Sporting Innovator

This award aims to recognise an individual or business contributing to Scottish country sports tourism in unique and innovative ways. Perhaps you are radically changing your business offering and causing a stir for others to follow, or perhaps have raised your profile on social media and are expertly sharing opportunities from across the sector. This award is looking to recognise those who are doing things differently. You can nominate yourself for this award, or you can nominate someone you know.


  • A deep passion to see country sports tourism thrive and grow for future generations.
  • Trailblazing routes to success in the sector through the quality and diversity of experience.,
  • Collaborating to bring people together to deliver exceptional experiences with mutual benefits for communities and the environment.
  • Changing the way things are done to create a higher quality experience or to enhance sustainability.
  • Developing (or have developed) a new product or service as part of the wider business you work in to support financial sustainability.
  • Doing something different with the by-products of your sporting activities.
  • Engaging an entirely new audience to grow participation and showcase Scotland as the ‘go-to’ place for country sports tourism.
Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023 Headline Sponsor


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Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023 Judging Panel

Eoghan-Cameron-BASC-ChairmanBASC Chairman, Eoghan Cameron

“Country Sport Scotland champions some of the world’s most sought-after sporting experiences. The sector is enormously valuable in terms of its economic contribution and its unrivalled capacity to deliver landscape-scale, practical conservation. BASC’s longstanding commitment to the organisation emphasises the unique role it has, not only in promoting Scotland’s world-class sporting opportunities, but in bringing high standards and sustainability to the fore. These factors will play a defining role in the future of country sports and these prestigious awards further underpin their significance. It is my great pleasure to represent BASC on the judging panel.”

Dr-Simon-Wright-CSS-ChairmanCSS Chairman, Dr Simon Wright

“Country Sports Scotland is proud to represent all that is good and great within Scottish Country Sports and these awards provide us with the opportunity to recognise all those who strive to maintain and promote an already established high standard across the sector. As a Judge for the 2023 Awards, and Chairman of CSS, I look forward to seeing some great examples of innovation, creativity and high calibre provision across the categories.”

Visit-Scotland-Regional-Director-Neil-ChristisonVisitScotland Regional Director, Neil Christison

“Country sports tourism is a significant contributor to the Scottish economy, bringing value to many local and rural communities in particular. The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards underline the sector’s commitment to quality and success and will help drive forward best practices, supporting the ambitions of the national tourism strategy, Scotland Outlook 20230, for Scotland to be a world leader in 21st-century tourism.”

Ross-Ewing-Scottish-Land-And-Estates-Moorland-DirectorSLE Moorland Director, Ross Ewing

“I am delighted to be joining the judging panel for the brand-new Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023 on behalf of Scottish Land & Estates. Country sports make an invaluable contribution to Scotland’s rural economy, supporting a diverse range of full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs with high levels of local and regional spending. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to recognise those in the sector who are making a stand-out contribution to country sports tourism.”

Heather-McVeigh-Officers-Association-ScotlandOfficers’ Association Scotland Chief Executive, Heather McVeigh

“It is an honour and a privilege for Officers’ Association Scotland to be sponsoring and helping to judge the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023. These awards are a brilliant opportunity to recognise and celebrate market-leading establishments and individuals who have significantly contributed to the country sports tourism sector and for us a place where many ex-military have been able to utilise their skills and forge their second careers.”

Country Sport Scotland
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