Deer Stalking/Hunting in Scotland

Dramatic mountainous, lowland and forested landscapes have drawn people to Scotland to stalk red deer for centuries.

This skilful and solitary tradition is as old as the hills themselves and attracts visitors back year after year, often to stalk over the same ground they have become so familiar with over the years. The skill is in reading the wind direction, keeping out of sight, knowing how to locate and make an approach without being detected and knowing how to be a skilled shot with a rifle to ensure a successful and swift kill.

Observing deer on the hill  - © Atholl Estates

Observing deer on the hill – © Atholl Estates

Traditionally the shot deer would be taken down from the hill by a ‘pony boy’ and his pony or ‘garron’ and although modern techniques and machinery are used more widely today, there are still a number of estates who continue to use the pony boy and his pony to add a special element to the client’s stalking experience.

Other deer species are widely stalked in Scotland including Roe, Sika and Fallow, of which Roe Buck stalking is probably the second most sought after. Use the below links to read more about these animals and the different stalking techniques associated with them.

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