Duck and Geese


Although their habits are governed by tide, wind, weather and moon, in general geese fly inland at day-break to their feeding grounds, i.e. potato fields or winter cereals, and return to roost far out on the mudflats at dusk. There are three species of goose which can be legally shot in Scotland: Grey lag, Pink foot and Canada are all legal quarry; coastal wildfowling and decoying into arable fields cater for the majority of geese shot in Scotland although some are shot flighting into and out of inland ponds.




Duck, many of which are seed and grass eaters, usually come inland at dusk to feed and spend the night on flight ponds, splashes and pools, returning to the mudflats or large lochs at dawn. Inland duck shooting generally takes place in the evening at last light as they come into feed. These feeding areas can be mature crops and stubble fields or ponds which have been fed with barley or other suitable feeds to attract the ducks. There are a variety of duck species which can be legally shot in Scotland although the main quarry species are mallard, teal and wigeon. Where driven game shoots release duck as an added quarry mallard tend to be used.

Ducks - Copyright Brian Phipps

Ducks – Copyright Brian Phipps

Season Dates

In Scotland the many duck and three goose species that can be legitimately shot have an open season running from 1st September to 31st January. On the foreshore this season is extended to 20th February.

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