Scotland is revered internationally as a mature sporting destination that offers visitors outstanding sporting experiences amongst stunning and dramatic landscapes.

mockimageWelcome to the national web portal for shooting, stalking / hunting and fishing in Scotland, offering news, events, sporting seasons, information for beginners and much more. Use this portal to search through over 100 sporting providers offering all country sports in Scotland from game shooting – including pheasant, grouse, partridge, hare, pigeon and ptarmigan – to wildfowling, deer stalking (red, fallow, roe and and sika deer) and world class fishing including game angling, coarse and sea angling (including salmon, trout and grayling).

Opportunities abound to suit all budgets, ranging from as little as £2 per day to £10,000 per week and more. The country is also steeped in colourful history, tradition and culture which provide the sporting visitor with what many across the world regard as an unrivalled overall experience.



Following the First Minister’s announcement this afternoon the following easing of lockdown restrictions will come into effect:

  • The ‘Stay at Home’ rule will become ‘Stay Local’ from 2nd April;
  • Tourist accommodation will be able to open from 26th April;
  • Travel restrictions between Scotland and the rest of the UK to be lifted, if not on 26th April, then as soon as possible thereafter;
  • International travel will not be possible until at least 17th May.



Lifeline £1M coronavirus fund announced for Scotland’s country sports tourism sector

Hard hit country sports tourism businesses in Scotland are set to benefit from a £1M coronavirus fund following a concerted lobbying campaign by two of the sector’s leading representative organisations – SEE FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE.



SCSTG has collaborated with number of country sports and land management organisations in Scotland to publish guidance for employers, employees and practitioners to allow these activities to move forward safely.   Read the full document here.



Following the First Minister’s announcement, new ‘stay at home’ coronavirus restrictions come into effect on the 5th January 2021. This means that all those residing in a tier 4 area should stay at home by law, and may only leave for an essential purpose.

Sport and exercise is deemed to be an essential reason to travel. This means that fishing  and shooting activity (such as wildfowling, deer stalking or rough shooting) is permitted, so long as:

  1.  No more than two people from two households participate;
  2.  The activity takes place within the local authority area in which you reside, or within   five miles of your local authority area boundary.

This means, for example, that someone residing in Angus could go deer stalking in Perth and Kinross, provided they are within 5 miles of the Angus local authority border.

In light of the stringent socialising conditions, and following advice from BASC, it is not advised that driven game shooting or other recreational group shooting activities with more than two people should take place.

Essential pest control is considered an essential purpose to travel. Essential pest control could include: essential bird and mammal pest control to protect crops or livestock such as the shooting and trapping of pest bird species under general licence; the management of rodents and rabbits; deer management as part of a plan agreed with and requested by the landowner; and game management or gamekeeping activities such as looking after game birds, pest/predator control and habitat management. All those undertaking essential pest control should carry written permission from the owner or occupier which states that they are contracted to undertake such activity.

Angling in Scotland is also permitted subject to the same restrictions – see Marine Scotland Guidance.

There must be no non-essential travel between Scotland and other parts of the UK.

Published in December 2016 ‘Game for Growth’ Country Sports Tourism in Scotland: Delivering Sustainable Growth 2016 – 2020 sets out ambitious growth targets for the sector. The full document is available here

Research (2015) has shown the value of Country Sports Tourism in Scotland to be around £155m. Read the report Benefits, Volume and Value of Country Sports Tourism in Scotland here.

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