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Scotland is renowned internationally as a unique sporting destination that offers visitors outstanding fur, feather, and fin sporting experiences amongst dramatic and unparalleled landscapes.

Search through trusted Scottish sporting estates and providers offering all country sports in Scotland from game shooting – including pheasant, partridge, woodcock, and pigeon, as well as grouse and ptarmigan which are distinct to the British Isles. Not forgetting superb wildfowling and ground game opportunities.

To the iconic red deer stalking in the awe-inspiring glens and hill tops across Scotland, as well as the exclusive fallow, roe and even sika deer. Synonymous for its salmon fishing on the rivers, Scotland is an angler’s paradise with game, coarse and sea angling opportunities in an abundance, with virtually no close season.

There are opportunities for everyone, and to suit all budgets, ranging from as little as £2 per day to £10,000 per week and more. We also bring you the latest news and updates on our monthly newsletter, articles, information on sporting seasons, beginners, ladies and much more.

The country is also steeped in colourful history, tradition and culture which provide the sporting visitor with what many across the world regard as an unrivalled overall experience.

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Scottish Deer Stalking - Country Sport Scotland

Scottish Deer Stalking: The Highland Pursuit – Embracing the Tradition and Challenge

Stalking Seasons Traditionally, Deer stalking in Scotland has occurred during specific seasons regulated for conservation purposes. Traditionally, the season dates vary depending on the gender and species of deer being stalked. However, as of...
Country Sport Scotland - Salmon Fishing

Scottish Rivers Beckon: The 2024 Salmon Fishing Season Begins

Scotland's 2024 salmon fishing season is off to an exciting start, with opening days on several iconic rivers already underway or soon approaching. This year brings a sense of optimism among anglers, with early signs pointing to potential bounties...
Country Sport Scotland - Minuntion Estate

The Appeal of Minuntion

In the heart of the picturesque Stinchar Valley in South Ayrshire lies Minuntion, a family-run farm and sporting estate. With its untouched beautiful scenery, this stunning estate is a tapestry of woodlands, rolling fields, heath moorlands, and the...

A Gift of the Outdoors

The festive holiday season is almost upon us, and for those whose passion lies in the great outdoors, ‘tis the season for enjoying traditional Scottish country sports! As the days grow shorter and the weather turns autumnal, there’s no better time...

Christmas Sporting Traditions in Scotland: A Feast for the Senses

The Christmas season holds a special place in the hearts of people across Scotland. As the cold winter descends, we look forward to gathering with loved ones to celebrate the warmth of the festive season. The crackling of a cosy fire, the sound of...

Country Sports Regulations and Sporting Seasons in Scotland 

Scotland's Game Laws: Scotland has a rich tradition of country sports like deer stalking, grouse shooting, and salmon fishing. These field sports are tightly regulated with specific legislation around seasons, permits, and land access. For those...

SCSTAwards2023: Honouring the Pioneers of Scottish Country Sports

The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023, held on Saturday, 1st of July, at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, served as a grand stage to celebrate individuals and businesses from the Scottish country sports sector. The awards, presented in the...

Simulated Game Shooting

Simulated game shooting, a quintessentially British pastime, offers a thrilling experience unlike any other. The sport, which replicates the excitement of a traditional game shoot, has gained popularity across the UK for its adrenaline-pumping...

Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023

Exceptional Sporting Contribution and Innovation Celebrated at the Scottish Country Sports Awards 2023 Presentation location: Saturday 1st of July on the Scottish Land & Estates stand at The GWCT Scottish Game Fair 2023. Scotland's best of the...

Find Highly Skilled Employees: Officers Association Scotland

Officers' Association Scotland provides lifelong employment and welfare support to officers and their families throughout their transition and beyond. They provide personalised, practical and impartial employment support, training and resources...

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