Roe Bucks

The prime months for stalking roe bucks in Scotland are considered to be May and the end of July/beginning of August.

Roe Buck

Roe Buck

In April some very old bucks will be in hard horn and considered to be ‘shootable’ with most middle-aged bucks’ antlers still growing and velvet covered. During this month the cover is low from the previous winter and there is the opportunity to shoot poor quality young bucks. May is the month where mature bucks’ antlers are clean of velvet and the cover in the woodland is still low enough to give the hunter a visual advantage. The most exciting time for roe buck stalking is however July/August, when the unpredictable reactions of roe bucks during their rut can provide the hunter with close encounters at any time of the day. The use of roe calls can add to the anticipation and excitement particularly when a buck is in view and begins to approach. For a month or so after the middle of August bucks tend to rest up and recover from their rutting activity and begin to show themselves again in September.

Season Dates

1st April – 20th October

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