Fallow Does

The stalking of fallow does takes place through the winter months in Scotland and although they are only found in a few areas, they can be shot in a diverse range of countryside from the fallow’s traditional lowland pasture to mixed woodland and heather hill, with each type of ground providing its own challenges.

Fallow Doe - Credit Alex Hogg

Fallow Doe – Credit Alex Hogg

Fallow Doe - Credit Brian Phipps

Fallow Doe – Credit Brian Phipps

Fallow does are very much a herd animal and this in itself can provide some awkward moments during your stalk. With so many pairs of highly tuned ears and eyes and a sense of smell to match, remaining unseen can be a real challenge. If the fallow herd becomes aware of your presence, taking a shot at an individual animal can prove difficult as the animals bunch together for security.

Season Dates

Oct 21st – Feb 15th

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