The grey partridge is a British ground-nesting bird which inhabits grassland, arable farmland, hedgerows and field margins.

Grey Partridge - Credit northeastwildlife co uk

Grey Partridge – Credit northeastwildlife co uk

Redlegged Partridge - Credit northeastwildlife co uk

Redlegged Partridge – Credit northeastwildlife co uk

Its habitat has been under pressure from changing farming practices over the last century. Wild grey partridge have declined over time and so are actively encouraged through land management on many shoots and are the focus of concentrated conservation efforts within the shooting world. Shooting is part of that management and takes place if there is a sustainable surplus. The red-legged partridge is now common throughout Scotland and is reared on many shoots, adding a different sporting target and quarry diversity to traditional driven shoots. A recent addition to some Scottish estates has been the rearing of partridges on heather moorland offering driven shooting on the open hill. The increase in rearing of red-legged partridge for driven shooting has also provided more opportunity for the walked-up shoot to produce a mixed bag. The red-leg is also known as the French partridge or “Frenchman”, possibly an old military reference, because of its red “trousers”. Its habitat is similar to the grey, chiefly open farmland. The red-legged partridge has proved more adaptable than the native species to modern farming practice.

Season Dates

1 September – 1 February (31 January NI)

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