Rabbits are understandably classed as vermin by most landowners due to the damage they can cause to growing crops, trees and saplings.

Their burrows can also be a subsidence hazard. They do, however, provide a variety of sporting opportunities. Although the arrival of myxomatosis in the 1950s wiped out an estimated 99% of the population, it is thought that rabbit levels are now back to those seen before the introduction of the disease, with a population in the region of 40 million. The hunting of rabbits is undertaken in many different ways in Scotland.

Rabbit Shooting - Copyright Linda Mellor

Rabbit Shooting – Copyright Linda Mellor

The use of domesticated ferrets to flush rabbits from their burrows either to waiting guns or to be caught in nets can provide some very exciting sport, providing high anticipation levels and a requirement for fast reactions from the sportsman as the rabbits bolt from their burrows.

There are also opportunities to shoot walked up rabbits throughout Scotland on many different types of terrain. The use of a high powered light to spot rabbits through the hours of darkness, shooting with either shotgun or rifle, is an extremely effective method of control and provides some exciting sport. Rabbits can of course be stalked, providing good sport in its own right and practice for the ‘would be’ deer stalker.

Season Dates

Rabbits can be shot throughout the year.

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