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Founded in 1999, Sybarite Sporting™ wasn’t so much started, but formed slowly as a passion for the countryside and country sports; organising a few shooting days and deer stalking trips in the UK, and the odd safari in Africa – a passion, more the heart leading the company, than the head!

Below are the sporting experiences on offer at Sybarite Sporting within the UK…

Red Deer

There are few places on earth that can match Scotland’s rugged scenery, sporting tradition, and majestic red deer population – and nothing is quite like the experience of stalking red stags (Cervus elaphus scoticus) in the remote highland glens.

​Through selective culling, this traditional Highland sport is essential to conserve and promote a healthy stable wild red deer population and to protect the natural habitat.

​We can organise deer stalking, and a Macnab if you wish, in the Cairngorms area of the Scottish highlands – notably the ‘stomping grounds’ of John Farquharson (1832-1903), using many deer forests referenced in the book “The Romance of Poaching in the Highlands of Scotland” by W. McCombie Smith, which illustrates the lives of John Farquharson and Alexander Davidson’s poaching exploits, a welcome antidote to the usual Laird’s perspective.


​Red Grouse

​The Glorious Twelfth (12th August) sees the opening of the Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica) shooting season on the hills of Scotland and the moors of northern England.

Driven red grouse shooting, for many is the ultimate sporting experience – red grouse are truly wild, with great flying speed and agility, pursued in stunning scenery, which can be as distracting as the bird itself.

Team Organisation

​Red grouse numbers fluctuate from season to season due to a combination of circumstances; overwintering stock quality, levels of the nematode strongyle worm (Trichostrongylus tenuis), heather conditions, weather in the breeding period, predation to name but a few.

In good grouse breeding years, it is important to balance grouse numbers by shooting surplus stock, and as importantly, old stock, to leave a young healthy breeding population for the following year.

For this reason, and due to the high demand for driven grouse shooting, we organise shooting teams early so that when shooting estates and moors realise a harvestable surplus, from a successful breeding season, we are able to quickly reserve these shooting days for our guests.



​The native partridge to the UK, the Grey or English Partridge (Perdix perdix), was once the predominant game bird throughout the British countryside, but has sadly declined due to, predominantly, the loss of habitat with the increase in intensive arable farming in the 1950’s.

​Today, many partridge shoots rely on the slightly larger Red Legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa), introduced to the UK from Spain, which also adds an extra dimension to many pheasant shooting days – being easier to rear and able to fly in much the same way as pheasants, over deep valley’s, producing high sporting birds.


​A high curling pheasant over steep valleys must be one of the most difficult birds to shoot, presenting the best of shots with a serious challenge.

​Great Britain is renowned for its traditional high, fast-driven pheasant shoots, and this mixture of demanding shooting, traditional history, and the sybaritic concierge we add, must be unrivaled anywhere in the world.

​We have access to many unique pheasant and partridge shoots, their style associated with the terrain and topography of the land, the social and dining experiences, and the accommodation genre.


If your interested in booking your next sporting adventure with Sybarite Sporting, then email a member of the team today.


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