Jenni goes Stalking in South Ayrshire

Jenni Fielding recently attended a 2-day introduction to stalking course with Chris and Anne Dalton at South Ayrshire Stalking.

The course, which is primarily field based, is intended to give an insight into all aspects of stalking and includes amongst other things instruction in technique, field craft, range safety and firing and also covers the Firearms Act and deer legal rifles. This was also an opportunity to gain an insight into the DSC Level 1 qualification and to learn more about deer ecology.

Jen stalk 2

Lining up a shot

Jenni stalking

Evening Stalking

Chris has for some time been keen to encourage more ladies to come along to experience these courses, and hopefully dispel the myth that seems to exist that stalking is primarily a male preserve. Anne helps with the stalking as well as running the B&B side of the business.

Jenni very quickly proved an accurate and competent shot and had no problems on the range; all the rifles are moderated and very comfortable to fire, again a factor which seems to concern some of the gentler sex. The evening was spent discussing deer matters in general along with the theoretical side of stalking, deer identification and selecting cull animals etc.

Day 2 is spent out in the field stalking; field craft is covered and evidence of deer pointed out, fraying and territorial marking along with deer damage are examined. However, the main objective is to stalk into and shoot a deer and Jenni had some opportunities to do this, Chris stalked her in close to both Red and Roe deer and they were able to observe at close quarters both sexes, however none of the cull animals selected were in a safe position to take the shot and so were left.

Towards the end of the morning Chris took Jenni into a very good 6 point roe buck; the rifle was set and Jenni had the opportunity to shoot at approx 80 yards, however declined the shot.  She said afterwards “my heart was beating so much I thought it would burst”.

I have been out with many seasoned male stalkers who have experienced exactly this feeling !!! Remember what it’s like !!!!!

Jenni stated, ‘’What a fantastic few days and a privilege to be out and watch deer in their own environment and such fantastic scenery.  I have learnt so much and I cannot wait to come back.’’

Chris and Anne run South Ayrshire Stalking from their home at Garryloop in South Ayrshire where they provide accommodation, introductions to and accompanied stalking, along with training for both DSC Level 1 and 2. They specialise in individually tailored packages and provide all forms of country sports, including a new Introduction to Fly Fishing package, and are particularly keen to see more ladies out in the field.

Details can be found at https:// www.ayrstalk.co.uk or Chris can be contacted on 07710 871190.

Written by Chris, South Ayrshire Stalking

Lady featured is Jenni Fielding from Yorkshire. Jenni had never stalked before and is now preparing to take her DSC Level 1