August 2016

Association of Scottish Self Caterers (ASSC)

At the Scottish Tourism Conference in March 2016, a room of some 200 representatives were asked about Brexit – about 5 hands went up for ‘leave’. To the tourism leaders in Scotland at least, Brexit was clearly unwelcome, yet we are where we are and we should now focus on the opportunities that it may […]

Scottish Government – Salmon Conservation Measures

The following update relative to The Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Regulations 2017 has been issued by the Scottish Government. ‘Earlier this year we introduced a package of conservation measures to manage the exploitation of wild salmon on an annual basis according to its conservation status.  The assessment model for 2016 categorised 109 fishery districts and […]

Grouse Prospects 2016

Following a spring which saw snowfall in late April, several moorland estates have revealed they now plan delaying the opening of the grouse season. The death of young grouse in the cold weather has meant that a second brood of birds were born later in the summer – and will not be ready for a […]

ADMG Embarks on Project Funding Campaign

  Deer management is under review and the Scottish Government is assessing evidence regarding how the voluntary system is meeting demands of public interest and natural heritage, plus the wider context – legislation, the Deer Management Code, Wild Deer a Natural Approach, and social and economic benefits.   Deer Management Groups are changing and modernising […]

Cabinet Secretary Supportive of Scottish Country Sports

On 5 August 2016, whilst attending a reception hosted by Scottish Land and Estates at the Highland Field Sports Fair, Moy, Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity gave a short presentation outlining his support for country sports and the important contribution they make to the rural communities and economy. Watch the […]

Grouse estates in Scotland pay out £7m in wages

Great publicity for country sports over the weekend: “The grouse shooting industry provides vital work for rural workers, paying out millions of pounds in wages, a survey showed, as gamekeepers marched ahead of the start of the 2016 season. Grouse estates across Scotland reported spending almost £7 million on wages for full and part-time staff […]

Country sports worth £155m to Scotland’s rural economy

Following the Moy Fieldsports Fair this weekend the following appeared on the BBC News website:- Scotland’s rural economy secretary has hailed the value of country sports after the latest figures showed they were worth £155m. Fergus Ewing was speaking ahead of the start of the grouse shooting season as he attended the Highland Field Sports […]