Hill loch fishing for wild brown trout

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Hill loch fishing is a truly wild experience, and the escapism is second to none. It’s the effort involved that makes it so special – it’s a real adventure to get to those small lochs and you can be sure you won’t see another person all day.


Up in the mountains, you can really appreciate the landscapes, nature, and silence, which is synonymous with trout fishing on a hill loch.

But don’t be fooled, wild brown trout are wily and easily spooked, so you must be stealthy, but this is no hardship for they are some of the most beautiful trout you’ll ever see.


Loch fishing opportunities across Scotland are diverse, from small high-ground lochs surrounded by heather and mountainous scenery to lowland lochs within agricultural and forest areas, they all have unique qualities.


The open season for brown trout is from the 15th of March to the 30th of September.

Successful hill loch trout fishing is usually dependent on the weather.

Plenty of brown trout have been caught during the height of summer in flat calm conditions, but ideally, a mild, overcast day with a decent breeze blowing is considered the best conditions for catching success.   

Concealed somewhat by the waves, trout will usually take a fly more confidently in these conditions, especially considering the movement of the water’s surface makes your flies behave more enticingly and helps to disguise your leader and fly line.

A decent breeze will also enable you to cover more water from a drifting boat if indeed you decide to go afloat.


If you are already a well-equipped trout fishing enthusiast, then maybe the idea of trying somewhere new and remote would entice you.

Permits can be attained from providers, found here.

If you are completely new to the sport, then booking with a fishing guide would be a good place to start. They will assist with securing permits, equipment, and even tuition, to ensure you get the most out of your trout fishing experience.


So, what are you waiting for – Scotland is home to over 30,000 hill lochs, so maybe it’s about time you started ticking a few off your list!

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  1. I’m going to give it a go!!


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