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Is Scotland on your bucket list of countries for the sporting trip of a lifetime? If so we can help. Country Sport Scotland is a premium national directory for world-class country sports opportunities and accommodation in Scotland.

Scotland is renowned internationally as a unique sporting destination that offers visitors outstanding fur, feather, and fin sporting experiences amongst dramatic and unparalleled landscapes.

Game Shooting


Browse through trusted sporting providers offering game shooting across Scotland – including pheasant, partridge, woodcock, and pigeon, as well as grouse and ptarmigan which are distinct to the British Isles. There are also superb wildfowling and ground game opportunities.

Deer Stalking


Experience iconic red deer stalking in the awe-inspiring glens and hilltops of Scotland, as well as the exclusive fallow, roe, and even sika deer. 



And let’s not forget, Scotland is synonymous with its Atlantic Salmon fishing on the rivers.  Scotland is an angler’s paradise with game, coarse, and sea angling opportunities in abundance, with virtually no close season.

With opportunities to suit all budgets, ranging from as little as £2 per day to the sky’s the limit.

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And if that wasn’t all, Scotland is steeped in colourful history, tradition, and culture all providing the sporting visitor with what many across the world regard as an unrivaled experience.

Discover your memorable Scottish sporting experience now.


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