SCSTAwards2023: Honouring the Pioneers of Scottish Country Sports

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The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023, held on Saturday, 1st of July, at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, served as a grand stage to celebrate individuals and businesses from the Scottish country sports sector. The awards, presented in the Scottish Land & Estates tent, recognised the exceptional contributions of estates, agencies, and innovators to the country sports tourism in Scotland.

The event was a testament to the sector’s vitality, showcasing the commitment, innovation, and excellence that underpin the Scottish country sports industry.


Dr Simon Wright, chairman of Country Sport Scotland, opened the ceremony, emphasising the importance of the initiative. He underscored the significance of these awards in recognising the efforts of those who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the sector. Neil Christison, Visit Scotland Regional Director, highlighted the significant contribution of country sports to Scotland’s wider tourism remit.

He spoke about the role of these awards in acknowledging the sector’s importance and potential for future growth. Heather McViegh, CEO of headline sponsors Officers Association Scotland, presented the awards to the deserving winners.

Best Sporting Estate 2023: Logiealmond Estate

Logiealmond Estate clinched the award for Best Sporting Estate 2023. The estate has set a high standard in land management, collaboration, and exceptional sporting opportunities. Their commitment to enhancing guest experiences through unique accommodation and biodiversity-promoting land management techniques has set them apart. The estate’s dedication to customer service and significant contribution to the local economy was also recognised.


Best Sporting Agency 2023: South Ayrshire Stalking

South Ayrshire Stalking took home the award for Best Sporting Agency. The agency is committed to delivering outstanding sporting experiences in Scotland, with collaboration and local engagement at the heart of its operation. Their exceptional customer service and track record of delivering memorable experiences were celebrated.

2023’s Sporting Innovator: The Wild Order Ltd

The Wild Order Ltd was honoured as 2023’s Sporting Innovator. Their unique and innovative contributions to Scottish country sports have made a significant impact. The Wild Order Ltd has demonstrated a deep passion for the sector, trailblazing new routes to success and collaborating to deliver exceptional experiences and masterclasses.

Highly Commended: Benmore Estate, International Hunting Scotland, and Loch Ness Rural Communities.


Benmore Estate, the Best Sporting Estate 2023 runner-up, was highly commended for their outstanding efforts. Their exceptional sporting opportunities, investment in quality accommodation, and commitment to biodiversity and customer service have made them a strong contender in the sector.

International Hunting Scotland, the runner-up for the Best Sporting Agency 2023, was highly commended for their excellent service in the sector. Their diverse sporting opportunities, unique offerings, and commitment to outstanding experiences have made them a leading agency in the sector.

Loch Ness Rural Communities, the runner-up for 2023’s Sporting Innovator, was highly commended for its innovative approach to country sports tourism. Their commitment to enhancing the quality of experience, promoting sustainability in the sector and leading on community engagement has set a new benchmark for others to follow.

The awards also recognised other fantastic finalists, from estates with environmental projects to businesses playing a crucial part in the community. The judging panel faced a tough decision due to the high standard of entries.


The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Awards 2023 was a testament to the thriving Scottish country sports sector, with key industry professionals in attendance to mark the occasion. The awards serve as a reminder of the importance of country sports to Scotland’s tourism industry and the local economy and the people who live there.


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