Journalists from all over Europe given taster of Scotland’s country sports during SCSTG press days

The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group recently hosted two press trips to help promote the stalking, shooting and fishing on offer to a wider audience.

Held over several days, the first trip was designed as an introduction to Scottish fieldsports for non-shooting British journalists from titles such as FHM and regional lifestyle magazine Sussex Life and banking glossy, Hedge. The second trip was aimed at hunting journalists from all over Europe to help familarise them with what the country has to offer. Attendees included luxury German title Halali, Danish magazine Jagt, Vildt & Vaaben and Swedish e-zine Jakt & Jägare.

FHM’s Chris Sayer said the trip was one of the most exciting experiences he’s ever taken part in. “It hugely opened my eyes to the fantastic opportunities Scotland has to offer, and we’ve come away with an incredible feature that we’re very proud of.”

Thorkild commented that the initiative was extremely worthwhile: “This is the first time I have ever heard of a country being so proactive in promoting their country sports in such a structured way. As a journalist, it is invaluable to have made so many new contacts in a country. As a sporting destination, Scotland has an enormous amount to offer, and I am excited to share my findings with hunters in my own country.”

SCSTG Project Coordinator, Victoria Brooks added: “Both trips showcased an excellent example of how the country sports providers and other tourism segments can work well together to offer a fantastic and unique experience. The SCSTG has received fantastic feedback from all journalists. When asking each individual which bit they enjoyed the most, they all answered ‘everything’ which tells us what we already know – visitors come to Scotland for the whole ‘ Scottish Experience’.”


For further information, visit www.countrysportscotland.com.


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