Araminta Campbell Bespoke Tweed

Araminta Campbell is a luxury textile designer and weaver based in
Edinburgh. Her bespoke tweed design service gives clients the opportunity to create their own unique tweed or to have an existing one reimagined or reproduced. She has worked with a range of clients; from large estates and hotels to small private commissions, producing as little as 10 metres or many hundreds.


In the first part of her tweed design process, Araminta works closely with the client to find out what they want to achieve.  Whether it is reproducing an ancient family tweed or creating a completely new design, she sees the project as a collaboration, combining her expertise and experience with the personal vision of her client.



Araminta specialises in matching the colours and textures of the landscape with those woven into a tweed. This not only creates a more subtle and pleasing design, but helps a tweed used for sporting purposes blend in well with its surroundings.  She remains involved at every stage of the tweed production process, working directly with the Scottish weavers and finishers of her fabrics to maintain a high standard for quality.


There is also the opportunity for the finished tweed to be made up into a range of products, including bags, furnishings, and her short and long barrel gunslips.

Please contact Araminta to find out more about commissioning a bespoke tweed: