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On the 29th January 2020 I joined a Hunting Scotland syndicate at the magnificent Bandirran Estate in rural Perthshire to close out my Pheasant season. Bill himself organised and hosted the day, and what a day it turned out to be! With a few traces of snow on the ground we had an incredible day; the weather was kind, the gun-line were friendly, the hospitality excellent and the pheasants second-to-none. We shot through and all convened for lunch at the end in the wonderful shoot lunch room where we were treated to some fantastic food. I have already enquired about more pheasant and partridge shooting for next season!

Jonno Bone

An other cracking day out with Bill at hunting Scotland and as always everything well organised. Some really good challenging birds and the weather was fair if not a bit mild for the time of year. Good company, good food and all in all another great day would highly recommend Bill and hunting Scotland, see you in October.

Very much appreciated and thanks again!

Andrew Robertson, Finavon, near Brechin

A fabulous shoot and a fun but smoothly operated day of shooting at Bandirran Estate in Perthshire thanks to Bill Black and his team. Our group was a mix of guns with several decades of experience and some with only a few years,

A day of simulated shooting before the actual partridge day was a great way to get everybody warmed up and the quality of our actual shooting was much better for it.

If you want to perform at your best, I wholeheartedly recommend the simulated shoot as a way to get the feel of the Partridge / Pheasant Hunting.

You don‘t want bad shooting to ruin your day – and with a well managed day like the one we enjoyed with Bill and his team you‘ll have no one to blame but yourself if your bag is disappointing.

The three youngest of the group (myself included) have grown up mainly wildfowling and don‘t have much experience in driven shooting. It was a relief how welcoming the group was and we are grateful to everyone from the beaters to the gamekeeper for sharing their experience with relative novices like ourselves.

Scotland is the best for Hunting no question - come and see Bandirran Estate with Hunting Scotland

Oddur, Iceland

In 2014 a friend of mine mentioned Hunting Scotland’s simulate shoot near Stirling and it seemed like a great way to improve my shooting. I’ve been attending whenever I can since then and the package Bill Black lays on is extremely well organised and fun. It has been a great way to get lots of practice in, to benefit from some tips from Bill and to meet other people keen on clay shooting and fieldsports. It is also a brilliant way to introduce young people to the excitement of driven shooting and Bill always makes an extra effort to help them.

Tom, Crieff

Tom, Crieff

Bill has been organising Pheasant and Partridge shooting for myself and my syndicate since the late nineties, both here at home and occasionally abroad. In all the years, there has never been a duff day. He combines the highest quality shooting with stunning scenery and good-natured keepers/beaters.

Scotty Menneer , Dollar , Clacks

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