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International Hunting Scotland

Sporting Agent

Welcome to International Hunting Scotland. We offer a huge variety of hunting, from driven grouse shooting to ferreting rabbits.

We aim to tailor excursions to your personal requirement and budget.
Phone us anytime to discuss your requirements.

We specialise in Hunting in Scotland for :

Red & Sika Stags
Roe Buck
Pheasant and Partridge
Rough Shooting

We also work with our hunting partners overseas and and can offer a variety of sport around the globe;
Bird shooting in Spain and South America, ibex stalking in Kazakhstan, various African adventures - the opportunities are endless.

Sport Offered

Shooting - Red Grouse - Red grouse are only found in northern England and Scotland and are hunted in 3 main ways. Walked up with retrievers and shot as they flush, walked up and shot over pointer dogs and driven by beaters to a line of 8 or 10 guns.

Shooting - Wood Pigeon

Shooting - Pheasant - Walked-up and driven shooting available

Shooting - Partridge - Walked-up and driven shooting available

Shooting - Ptarmigan

Shooting - Woodcock

Shooting - Snipe

Shooting - Duck and Geese

Shooting - Clay Pigeon

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Red Stags - The season extends from 1st July to 20th October. Some cull stags are shot in July and August at a cheap price when still in velvet, but most are shot in September and October as mature trophies.

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Red Hinds

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Roe Bucks - The season lasts from 1st April to 20th October for bucks and from 21st October to 31st March for does.

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Roe Does

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Sika Stags

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Sika Hinds

Fishing - Atlantic Salmon

Fishing - Sea Trout

Fishing - Brown Trout

Other Field Sports - Clay Pigeon Shooting

Accommodation can be arranged from a small self-catering cottage or bed & breakfast to a 5* hotel or private castle.

Non-sporting activities can also be arranged. Sight-seeing, boat trips, outdoor pursuits, retail experiences, distillery visits, tours etc.

Contact Information
Contact Name Cara Hutchens
Address Burnbank
PH21 1NU
Telephone Click to see Number01540 661496
Mobile +44 (0)7771 695494
Nearest Train Inverness
Nearest Airport Inverness
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