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Diana Hunting Tours

Sporting Agent

Diana Hunting Tours/Limpopo Travel is the biggest hunting agency in Europe with more than 36 years' experience in arranging quality hunting worldwide.

We operate with 2 brands: Limpopo Travel A/S, Scandinavia's leading specialist travel agency for destinations in Africa, with sections for both hunting travel and more general tourism, and Diana Hunting Tours who specialise in arranging hunting tours to all other destinations worldwide including the UK.

In the UK we offer a wide range of different hunting areas, from the north of Scotland to the south of England, and we also arrange hunting in Ireland.

Our efforts to always deliver the best hunting tours on the market rest on the solid foundation of the most experienced staff in the business.

Our websites are https://www.limpopo.dk and https://www.diana.dk and every 14 days we send out a comprehensive newsletter giving the latest news about our tours. If you don’t already receive our newsletter, you can register on our website and start receiving good hunting offers as soon as they arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a special offer either via phone +45 62202540
or send us an e-mail.

Sport Offered

Shooting - Red Grouse

Shooting - Brown Hare

Shooting - Rabbit

Shooting - Wood Pigeon

Shooting - Pheasant

Shooting - Woodcock

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Red Stags

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Red Hinds

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Roe Bucks

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Roe Does

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Sika Stags

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Sika Hinds

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Fallow Bucks

Deer Stalking/Hunting - Fallow Does

Contact Information
Contact Name Diana Hunting Tours
Address Faaborgvej 240
DK 5700 Svendborg
Telephone Click to see Number+45 6220 2540
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