July 2016

SCSTG Hard Copy Newsletter – August 2015

SCSTG Newsletter August 2015 Hard Copy

Chronic Wasting Disease of Deer

 1. Chronic Wasting Disease, (CWD), also known as Cervid Wasting Disease, is a highly infectious, fatal disease which has devastated some populations of wild and farmed deer in North America. CWD has very recently been diagnosed in Scandinavia in a reindeer and also in moose. The risk of CWD entering the UK is therefore likely to have […]

Working Dogs – The English Setter

The English Setter is one of five breeds in the Setter and Pointer Sub group, the others being the English Pointer, the Gordon Setter, the Irish Setter and the Irish Red and White Setter. These dogs are used primarily as locating dogs in the UK.  They quarter the ground into the wind, using air scent […]